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From sky-high poker payouts to sizzling slot and casino jackpots, we celebrate the biggest hauls - and they’re happening every day! Check back here on the regular to see who’s bagged the big money. We’re all in at Ignition Casino.

Top Casino JackPots Slots and Tables


Score your first big payout on Ignition with Hourly, Daily and Super must-win jackpots, now on top slots! Watch as they get loaded with cash and turn RED HOT. You can see these jackpots coming!


Your next big win could be just around the corner. With hundreds of Slots and Table Games, plus the best online poker around, Ignition Casino wants to see your name up in lights!

Top Casino JackPots Slots and Tables


Ignition is always revving high with 250+ of the best table games and slots. Somebody's always taking home the big money with guaranteed progressive jackpots that soar sky high. Here we feature the top players who lit up the reels and went for the big money on the tables.


WIN $25,000 OR MORE

Kris L.
WON $373,018


Bryan F.
WON $293,909


Shawn S.
WON $146,521


Beth H.
WON $125,000


Laney W.
WON $124,132


David C.
WON $109,385


Zubair A.
WON $100,000


David F.
WON $83,677


Top Poker Wins

Ignition is famous for having the most action-packed, money-making poker in the business. Who topped the charts recently? We feature the top players who took down the big tournaments.

For the full scoop on where you can win the next big Poker payday, head to Ignition's Poker Tournament Page.


$157,000 GTD

Michael W, FL
WON $31,963.57


$200,000 GTD

Josh L, WA
WON $29,038.00


$150,000 GTD

Sarah G, FL
WON $28,627.03


$100,000 GTD

James H, CA
WON $27,526.33


$125,000 GTD

Andre D, NSW
WON $27,181.00

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Strategies for winning big

There are ways you can increase your odds at the casino when playing for real money. This starts with simple rules-of-thumb to follow in games with an element of skill, and then there are more advanced strategies for building up your stack. When it comes to slots, it’s about making sure you are primed to cash out big time should the jackpot hit.

Winning strategies for Poker

Practice makes perfect, what can we say. Poker is a game that mixes luck and skill. There are basic rules to master and then you can add your own unique winning strategy.

Start small in games with as little as a $1 buy-in on Ignition Poker, get a feel for the hands and their statistical chances of winning, and then start to learn how to bluff and capitalize on other players’ emotions.

Players remain anonymous on Ignition Poker and are issued a unique ID for each game or tournament, so you don’t have to worry about any sharks tracking and anticipating your moves using software. Fair play is the foundation for building skills, and Ignition is proud to provide this, while many other sites leave their players vulnerable to tracking.

Winning strategies for Slots

Want to win big? Like Vegas penthouse suite big? With Slots you’ll need to be playing games that have progressive jackpots, and you have to be placing max bets when you spin or your jackpot won’t be as big as it could’ve been. If this is your style, then simply make sure you’re playing games with the biggest built-up progressive jackpots.

For the casual player or newbie, it’s best to ease into the action while discovering which games you love to play the most. Using either Practice Mode or slow playing at low wagers can draw out the fun. Even small wagers give the chance to build up your bankroll with a couple lucky spins. Then you’ll have funds in place max bet if you’re feeling it.

Slots are pure games of chance, so you just have to be at the right place at the right time. Part of the fun is just that, and whatever you do don’t wager more than you should. Go with your gut and spin those reels however you please.

Winning strategies for Table Games

No two table games are alike, and each has its own unique strategy. Blackjack is a common starting place for understanding how to play table games properly. The house edge is famously low, and we’ve got some winning tips to get you started. It also helps to play in practice mode for free until you get the game down.

Here are some basic guidelines: Double down on 10 or 11, unless dealer has 10 or Ace. The dealer is likely to bust with 6 or lower, so use that to your advantage. Hit anytime you have a soft 13-17 (means you hold an Ace).

We won’t cover everything here, but we will give a shout out to the great game of Craps. Many newcomers to the Casino floor don’t know that this rowdy game is also one of the easiest to get into. Start with Pass Line bets, they’re your easiest way to take in and learn how to play this amazing game. For more beginner tips, check out this guide.


Looking for more tips? Head to Ignition’s article section to learn how to line yourself up for the big money when you play.

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