With so many players turning to Bitcoin for their online casino betting, you may be considering doing the same. After all, the best promotions are reserved for Bitcoin players, so it certainly pays to use this popular cryptocurrency for your deposits and withdrawals. Getting a complete idea of the process will help you decide whether or not you should take the plunge and become a Bitcoin player yourself. Follow along in this article that covers the pros and cons of going Bitcoin at Ignition Casino.


How to Play in the Casino with Bitcoin

We’ll start off by explaining how Bitcoin works in the context of our online casino. If you’re completely new to cryptocurrencies, however, it’ll be best to start with our Ignition Bitcoin Guide.

To deposit with Bitcoin, you need to have some preloaded into your digital wallet. A digital wallet is simply a program that holds your Bitcoin after purchasing it from an exchange and can be downloaded as an app onto your phone. Transferring the Bitcoin from your wallet to your Ignition account will require you to input your Ignition account’s address code into your wallet. For a walkthrough on how to do this, watch our video Sending and Receiving Bitcoin.


The Pros of Bitcoin Betting

There are three main reasons for going Bitcoin: guaranteed deposits, fast withdrawals and access to bonus cash.


Guaranteed Deposits

There’s nothing worse than depositing with your credit card only to have the transaction fail to go through because of back-end restrictions. This scenario never happens when you deposit with Bitcoin, as there’s no bank deciding how you can use your funds.


Fast Withdrawals

No one likes to wait to get paid—especially after hitting a big jackpot. Bitcoin makes it possible to get paid almost instantly once your withdrawal is authorized. Simply paste in the digital address code for your wallet, and the transaction is typically completed in 15 to 20 minutes after we issue the payment. That’s a big improvement on the 7 to 10 business days that it takes to receive a check.


Bonus Cash

When you use Bitcoin for your deposits, you have access to bonus cash with every single deposit. Start with the lucrative Bitcoin Welcome Bonus (200% match bonus for up to $2,000), and then scoop up a 25% match bonus with every subsequent deposit.


The Cons of Bitcoin Betting

While you’re probably already set up with a regular deposit method that works fairly efficiently, switching to Bitcoin will require you to take some upfront steps to download and install the programs needed to deal in cryptocurrencies, and that is the only con of Bitcoin betting. When you follow along with our video tutorials, however, the process is quite easy, taking around 20 minutes to complete. Once you’re comfortable navigating through the apps, you won’t think there are any cons at all to Bitcoin betting at Ignition Casino.